How much do I Work?

I want to introduce you to a simple tool that can manage the time you work with the computer

When I sit at the computer, I am completely unaware of the clock and time, there is a small software that collects information about what you are doing. and sends it to its server

Analyzing the time you spent on each software, it can help you to be more productive.

For example, Visual Studio, Notepad++ or StackOverflow Websit, and CodeProject website have a positive rating as a programmer.

And social networks, checking email during work time is a negative point

You can determine in your dashboard whether a certain software or a certain site has a positive score or not

And every week it gives you a report that this week your performance was so much and you were so active on Facebook

In short, it hurts me a lot

If you want to use it, you can download it from this website rescuetime